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When I worked at Woolworths in Banbury, one of the assistants, Mary Matt who worked on the biscuit counter, ran a weekly shoe club for Milwards High Street. The idea was that she had twenty members each paying two shill week for twenty weeks. To start the scheme, Mary put the twenty names intc and asked another member of staff to pull out each name in turn and she listed beside the allotted week numbers in her red cash book. Then each Friday the person whose name was beside that week number was given a voucher
Eventually it became my turn and Mary gave rne a slip with Milwards name top and £2 written on it. At lunchtime across the road I went to the shoe shop and up the stairs to the ladies department. The assistant was very helpful and I bought a pair of brown shoes with highish heels. Being fifteen 1 was very proud purchase and couldn’t wait to wear them and show them to my Mother and sisters After tea that evening I went up stairs and got ready to go out with Marion, my friend. I called for her at her house and then we had a walk round the village. Later I went back home and Sandy, the Labrador greeted me at the kitchen door. I made a cup of tea and put my new shoes under the chair, and after my drink I went off to bed. On coming down into the kitchen next morning what a shock there was one shoe under the chair, but the other was under the kitchen table the heel had been chewed off by the ‘darling Sandy’ during the night. I was so upset, but all that my Mother said was, “you should have put them up.” That morning I had to run up Church Passage to catch the bus for work in my old shoes and felt very fed up, knowing that it meant saving for a further 20 weeks before I could buy another pair, all because I had put my new shoes under the kitchen chair instead of putting them away.
Anne Williams

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