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History Club Talk – 19th April 2017

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Bloxham Village History Club

Wednesday 19 April, 7.30pm

Jubilee Park Hall (off Brickle Lane)

Jim Smithson:

“The Battle of Arras, 1917”

Jim Smithson’s talk coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Arras in the First World War. This was a British offensive (9 April – 16 May) which achieved significant advances but not the hoped-for breakthrough, and resulted in about 300,000 casualties on both sides.

The poet Edward Thomas (of “Adlestrop” fame) was one of those killed. The battle involved innovative tactics and new equipment but in the end was it a lost opportunity for the Allies? Jim Smithson – an author on military history and battle-field guide – will tell the battle’s fascinating story.

All are very welcome.
Admission: free for members (£10 annual sub);
£2.50 for visitors.
Call Ian Myson 01295 720951 for further information


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