Warriner Closed /Primary open – 12th Dec 2017

Update – Warriner closed Tuesday. Primary school open Tuesday.  (As at 3.30 on Mon 11th Dec 2017)

Warriner School

Due to adverse weather conditions the school is closed on Monday 11th December
Following Sunday’s snowfall an inspection of the school site has taken place on Sunday afternoon. There is a significant amount of snow and temperatures are dropping so it will freeze. Snow is forecast until 7am on Monday so we will not be able to clear the site ready to be open. I am also concerned about the safety of the buses in the village roads.It is for these reasons that the school will be CLOSED tomorrow, Monday 11th December. We will do all that we can to clear the site and expect to be open as usual on Tuesday 12th.   Dr Kay


Bloxham Primary School

School closed Monday 11 December. After consultation with staff, other schools in the area, and the Chair of Governors, we have decided to close the school tomorrow: Monday 11 December. We have taken this decision as early as we can in order to give everyone as much time as possible to make plans for childcare.

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