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History Club – MPs, money and public service – 21st Feb 2018

Bloxham Village History Club

Wednesday 21 February, 7.30pm
Jubilee Park Hall (off Brickle Lane)
Tom Crook:
“The corruption of Parliament? MPs, money and public
service in modern Britain”
Amidst expense claims for duck houses and moats and the
occasional honours scandal, we often accept it as a truism that
our political life and processes are largely free of corruption.
Tom Crook –who writes and teaches about modern British
history at Oxford Brookes University – gives a broader,
historical perspective on the uneasy relationship between
money and Parliament.
All are very welcome.
Admission: free for members (£13 annual sub);
£3.00 for visitors
Call Ian Myson 01295 720951 for further information


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