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RAF Ceremony at Barford – 4-April 2018

Councillor Chris Heath holding the RAF 100 baton

Most people will be aware that it is the 100th anniversary of the RAF.

To celebrate this a special baton is being transported around 100 RAF bases and RAF Barford St John was one of those chosen because it is here that Frank Whittle, a Coventry man, invented and developed the jet engine.  Locals living in Barford at the time recall the strange high-pitched whine of the jet engine being tested which they nicknamed ‘Moaning Minnie!’

Today the weather was “very British” meaning the rain fell inexorably during the 30 minute ceremony but everyone present seemed pleased to be witness to a moment of local history.

See photos below.



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  1. Thanks – the E28/39 development is a great piece of local history under-celebrated in Bloxham.

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