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A Trip Out in Gladys – Nov 2017

Our outing in Gladys the Morris Minor, took us East through Kings Sutton, Croughton, Aynho, criss crossing the M40 up to Clifton. Destination was the recently refurbished Duke at Clifton.

On entering the rear car park to our surprise a row of Gladys’s pals were smartly lined up, immaculately polished sparkling in the Autumn sunshine: the Ferrari club! The Ferrari’s were common red models; in Trafalgar blue was Gladys – we took pole position!

We entered the lovely trendy pub and received a very warm friendly greeting from the attentive staff, the Sunday lunch was delicious. We had fun with the Ferrari club swapping pictures of the line up of our pride and joy cars!
In the car park we were all leaving around the same time when one of the black Ferraris stopped and revved his two cylinder exhaust pipes with a massive roar, we had to do the same! A remark from a lady watching the fun was our Morris Minor sounded the best…. erm!
We headed home the fields way through Hempton and Barford at a modest pace and put the old girl to bed until the next Grand Prix!

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