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A361 Roadworks: Bloxham to Banbury – March 2017

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Many residents have noticed the signs warning of traffic disruption near the new housing development just on the Bloxham side of the existing Banbury Town boundary.
It warns of up to 16 weeks of disruption starting March 1st – but there doesn’t appear to be much happening at the moment!

In conversations with Oxfordshire Highways it seems that this is to be the site of a new roundabout and that work IS taking place already but in the area adjacent to the A361 rather than on it. They envisage this “off-line” work continuing for some time before work on the roundabout itself commences and so there is no imminent cause for concern about additional traffic congestion here.

Hopefully before work that DOES affect the main highway commences we will be in a position to give you a bit of warning.


  1. Still not finished? When will it be finished?

  2. Apparently Oxfordshire C.C. have not received any schedule yet from the developers for when the disruption to the existing traffic flows may take place. We’ve asked them to inform the Parish Council once they do have more info and the P.C. are pretty good at sharing such information with us here at the Broadsheet online – so – I’m afraid it’s watch this space!

  3. I have been tyring to find out how the work is to be ‘phased’ in order to ensure a two-way route at all times i.e over part of the ‘new’roundabout whilst the remainder is constructed – it shouldn’t be that difficult. Have you had any assurances on this point ??

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