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Anne Jenkins Mystery: Can you help? – Jan 2018

Our first post of 2018 is a plea for help to ascertain what became of Anne Jenkins from Bloxham.
The request emanates from a French man whose sister was involved in some sort of exchange  with Anne. Anne would be around 80 and so may or may not still be alive. Also – Jenkins was, of course, her maiden name.
Here is a photo he describes in his letter.

He also seems to have a photo of his sister and the boy at Aynhoe Park.

Do you know anyone ‘getting on in years’  who might have known people in Bloxham in the 1940s-50s or who might be able to shed any light on the matter please email the Broadsheet online with any information by clicking here.


Below we provide the story in his own words – possibly via something like Google translate.
If you can

Hello to you all not knowing very where and to whom I address,
I allow myself to come to you because I am looking for a person who has lived in BLOXHAM the person named Anne JENKINS born in the years approaching 1937 she was the correspondent of my sister Marie-France BIEBEL They were students my sister did the normal school to get out teacher for Anne do not I know I was younger of my Sister.
These two young girls have been in exchange ANNE had come to FRANCE (ALSACE and LORRAINE) so we were originally, and my sister Marie-FRANCE went to stay in country vote I have photos that attest their visits to BROUGHTON CIRENCESTER etc….
I have just put my hand on this album where these two young women happy to spend beautiful days together and I very honestly wanted to find ANNE who must have today 80 years or more.
I have a picture where the two young girls are in front of a house with Anne’s dad and a young boy in BLOXHAM.
Anne remained without news of my sister suddenly she did not understand well after such a friendship why this sudden break I will trace the facts;
On the evening of January 3, 18 my mom and dad my sister Marie-France were leaving to play cards in a nearby village with an uncle to me I had just met a young girl who will be my future wife recently, and I had to leave for Algeria , Marie – France was kind enough to ask my father to allow me to stay with Carmen who is today my wife during this weekend; My father will accept. Fate will be tragic mom, Dad and my only beloved sister are going to disappear in a stream when passing a wooden bridge icy that night there were no balustrades at the time.
I find myself orphaned in one night I am taken care of by an uncle for a while and who will also be my tutor not being major, it is much later after the death of another uncle who at the time recovered the documents in the House of my parents that I take Knowledge of photos.
This is my story on the day of today I think it is my duty to let ANNE know why Marie-France no longer gave signs of life she has nothing to understand…
I do not know if ANNE is married so another name may be, in the cases any part of BLOXHAM
And that is why I turn to you dear friends and I appeal to your indulgence and in advance with my thanks to help me if it is in your possibilities or put me on a track that could lead me to ANNE JENKINS I’m already very Grateful.
I am at your disposal to bring the information I could give you I do not have much but may be you have some people to BLOXHAM of the age of ANNE
Or possible this young boy who could be a brother
Waiting to read you I beg to accept all my gratitude for what you could possibly do my sister missed me so much and I still miss and I think I owe her this step.
Good luck and thank you
I take the opportunity to wish you my best wishes for this New year 2018

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  1. Low wall and bay window + large wooden door – I wonder is it one of the houses in Church St up to where Church St Store once stood near the mini-roundabout.

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