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Another Development – Your Say.

The Banbury Guardian carries the article below: Please click here to access the article directly.
Note – you are urged to express your views on such a development to Cherwell D.C. by 12th January via their public access site. If you find this site user-unfriendly you can email (planning@cherwell-dc.gov.uk ) or write directly (Planning Department, Cherwell District Council Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury OX15 4AA)
Obvious issues are:

  • Exacerbate the already chaotic traffic near the primary school,
  • Lack of adequate primary school places will mean those living further away in Bloxham may fail to gain get access to the school.
  • Exacerbate high tendency to flooding in this part of the village and – via the brook – the rest of the village.
  • Contravenes Neighbourhood plan insofar as is not within the existing built-up area of the village.

Also – although not pertinent to this application – by extending the boundary along the Tadmarton Road it opens up the claim that to build behind Courtington Lane (up onto Hobb Hill) simply represents infill and we have previously seen proposals to do just this.

Banbury Guardian Article
A landowner is hoping to get planning permission for up to 150 homes on a former quarry before selling the land to a developer.An application for outline permission to build on a piece of land on the outskirts of Bloxham has been submitted to Cherwell District Council.

 The plans include a sports pitch and play areas for the nearby Bloxham Primary School and 35 per cent of the homes would be affordable.
 Concerns about the impact on traffic, the village’s public services and schools were raised in a forum about the scheme, which more than 250 people responded to.
 Planning Prospects, acting on behalf of the landowner, said in a document: “The proposal forms a high quality, sustainable development which will provide significant benefits that would substantially outweigh any other minor adverse impacts of the proposals.”

The site is alongside the Miller Homes development for 60 dwellings on Tadmarton Road.

The applicants list numerous benefits to the scheme, including providing much-needed housing, particularly affordable, enhancing the environment and acting as an economic boost.

The deadline for comments is Friday, January 12. To comment, visit www.publicaccess.cherwell.gov.uk/online-applications and search for planning reference 17/02502/OUT.

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