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Another Interpretation – Dec 2017

I hear that animal lovers have been alarmed and dismayed to see signs on the roadside saying ‘Cats Eyes Removed’ – the more so when someone has written below ‘no appointment
Another sign that can have another meaning is ‘Diverted Traffic’. As being diverted can mean being amused or entertained, I have this vision of cars rolling along the road giggling to
themselves as if they have just heard a good joke.
Then there is ‘Heavy Plant Crossing’, which makes me envisage a very large and exhausted daisy dragging its roots painfully over the tarmac, though my husband thinks it more likely to
be a triffid looking for a victim.
And ‘Slow Children Playing’ sounds unlikely, as children are more like quicksilver, but perhaps it means they are slow learners, which is a bit non-PC these days.
Of course there is ‘Give Way’, which makes me wonder which temptation I should avoid. If I am going to be offered chocolate, I shall certainly give way.

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