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Biggest Estate yet comes before Planning – 19th July 2018 *UPDATE*

The Tadmarton Rd planning application which was to be discussed at tonights Cherwell D.C. planning meeting according to the CDC website appears to have been withdrawn.
“Agenda Item 7 17/02502/OUT – OS Parcel 0078 North West Of Quarry Close, Quarry Close, Bloxham. Application withdrawn from the planning process by the applicant.”
Whether temporarily or permanently is another question!

The proposal to build the largest new estate in recent years comes up before planning committee on 19th July that starts at 4:00pm in Bodicote House.  This will be the first major test of whether Cherwell Planners are really prepared to support the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan.

Whether you support or oppose the idea, if you feel strongly about it  you can attend the meeting and – if you have already made written representations about it – you are entitled to 5 minutes to express your views at the meeting although for this you will need to give prior notice to Cherwell District Council by post or email no later than 12 noon on the last working day before the meeting. ( Letters asking to be able to speak should be addressed to Democratic Services, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury OX15 4AA. Emails should be sent to )


Application No.: 17/02502/OUT
Applicant’s Name: Mr Geoffrey Coles
Proposal: Outline planning permission for up to 136 dwellings (including 35% affordable housing), landscaping, public open space and green infrastructure including
children’s equipped and local play areas, surface water flood attenuation, vehicular access from Tadmarton Road, land for recreational purposes and associated ancillary works. Outline with all Matters Reserved with the exception of the principal vehicular access from Tadmarton Road
Location: OS Parcel 0078 North West Of Quarry Close Quarry Close Bloxham
Parish(es): Bloxham
The above application will be considered by Planning Committee on 19 July 2018 at 4pm. Any representations already made will be taken into consideration.


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