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Bloxham Church explains pew removal – June 2018

This weeks Banbury Guardian adds a new twist to the mystery of the dissappearing pews from Bloxham St Mary’s Church!

It seems the pews were removed in 2006 not 2011 as indicated in the ecclesiastical court and the reason was that they were riddled with woodworm and falling apart rather than an attempt to restructure the church to meet community need.  Apparently this was verbally sanctioned by the archdeacon at the time but not committed to writing. (An Archdeacon is a senior priest within the diocese who takes on roles, more practical than pastoral, to keep the diocese ticking over.)

So – not quite a comedy of errors but certainly a situation where a bit of documentation might have saved a lot of time and grief!

Let’s hope none of this is counterproductive to the emerging plans to restructure the church in a way that balances respect for the past with responsiveness to the present and future.


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