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Bloxham Church in Telegraph – 3rd June 2018


Bloxham Church – which is recognised as one of the top 100 in the UK by prominent art historian Sir Nikolaus Pevsner and is a Grade 1 listed building – made the Telegraph this week for all the wrong reasons!

Many churches have needed to restructure the internal layout to adapt to the needs of 21 century communities. For those seeking to do this there are clear required processes but it seems the previous vicar saw fit not to follow these when arranging the removal of pews to accommodate a display and welcome area and a part of the church where children could play.

Christopher Rogers, Deputy Chancellor of the diocese of Oxford, described as “highly unfortunate, to put it mildly”.
He also noted the current vicar and leadership team were not in charge when the decision was taken and added that he had “the greatest sympathy for them having to deal with the mess left by their predecessors”.

Although Anglican churches often provide the largest indoor space posessed by a community, church attendance has tended to fairly consistently decrease over recent years and it’s generally accepted Churches have to adapt their buildings to be able to reach-out to local communities.

The current team do indeed have plans to make the internal structure of Bloxham St Marys more community-friendly and as long as they do so utilising the prescribed planning procedures and in a way that properly  evaluates any diminution of  architectural and historical significance against the resulting public benefit then this need not necessarily pose  a problem.


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