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Bloxham History Club – 17th Jan 2018

Wednesday 17 January, 7.30pm
Jubilee Park Hall (off Brickle Lane)
Michael Heaney:
“Percy Manning: the man who
collected Oxfordshire”
Percy Manning (1870-1917) amassed huge collections of
artefacts relating to Oxfordshire – which are now held at the
Bodleian Library, and at the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers
Museums, in Oxford. His interests ranged from archaeology and
buildings to cricket and Morris dancing, and – ahead of his time –
he explored disappearing superstitions, folklore and local
customs. He was a catalyst for the English folk music revival.
Michael Heaney is ideally placed, as the biographer of Percy
Manning, to tell his idiosyncratic story. Michael was until 2012
Executive Secretary of the Bodleian Library.
All are very welcome.
Admission: free for members (£13 annual sub);
£3.00 for visitors
Call Ian Myson 01295 720951 for further information

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