Bloxham School Head’s blog – Dec 2016

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The Christmas blog from the Head of Bloxham School, Paul Sanderson,  makes for encouraging reading.

It’s good to know that students, many of whose parents are paying fees of over £30,000/annum, are not being entirely insulated from  those at the other end of the financial spectrum.

Success is never down to just luck.  Whatever your abilities or privileges you still need to put in the effort and get up again when knocked down.

That said, success follows a massively smoother path for some than for others and inculcating an understanding of this can only be to the good of society  – particularly given the current climate of resentment where many are increasingly vocal about what they see as a world where  unjustified and unearned levels of disparity are a structured part of the system.

If it helps students towards an understanding of  ‘Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes’ that can only be to the good.

You can access Paul Sanderson’s Christmas blog by clicking here.



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