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BloxhamSuperfast broadband coverage – Aug 2017

Firstly can I say that adding this post has taken massively longer than it should have because over the past few days my supposedly superfast broadband connection on the Bloxham Park Estate keeps ‘dropping-out’ necessitating reboot of both my modem and computer! Am I alone in this experience I wonder?

Now – to the task in hand ……

Oxfordshire County Council have published a document which provides an update on superfast broadband coverage within the county and more specifically within Bloxham.
You can download a copy of the 4 page document by clicking here or on the graphic above.

Oxfordshire C.C. do deserve praise for having pushed access to superfast broadband across the county as a high priority but the document they provide here is not the most concise nor user-friendly we’ve ever seen. It does, however,  offer a useful link to a FAQ page that you can also access directly by clicking here.

Basically – most residents of Bloxham do now have access to superfast broadband but need to realise that the changeover ‘doesn’t just happen.’ Even if you are already on a broadband contract you will need to contact your supplier and request the change to superfast. (See Get connected – 5 simple steps on how to upgrade to superfast broadband.)

If your postcode still does not have access to superfast the download document describes possible ways forward.


  1. Similar problem for me on Queen St. Internet drops a couple of times a day. Talktalk not helpful so far…

  2. Openreach came out this morning and ran lots of tests. Our line was deemed to be fine but they had issues getting their test equipment to sync. The same issues were experienced at the cabinet on Milton Rd so we were moved to a new port within the exchange, this appears to have solved the sync issues.

    It’s possible that a card containing multiple ports is failing within the exchange, maybe you are on a port on the same card as us. Unfortunately Openreach don’t seem keen to proactively investigate any further now, so you might need to raise the issue with your ISP if you’re still experiencing problems.

    Matthew – We get around 37-40Mb down and 8Mb up, not a huge jump compared to ADSL speeds.

  3. Ian, what sort of connection speeds are you getting? We are at 19MBit down 1MBit up on normal DSL; I’m debating upgrading but not sure what the speeds will be as we’re so far from the cabinet.

  4. Well – as they say, “You are not alone!” Thanks.

  5. Yes, it is frustrating. I’ve raised it with my ISP who couldn’t see any immediate faults on our line but could see that it was dropping multi times a day. They’ve escalated it onto Openreach who should hopefully be out within a few days to investigate further.

  6. Yes – my download speed isn’t bad (37Mbps) It’s the reliability that’s the issue. Dropped connections when you’re doing financial transactions online can leave one wondering, work in the cloud can be lost before it’s transferred and streaming music, video or TV (like i-Player) becomes a nightmare.

  7. Our connection (on Bloxham Park) has also been disconnecting and reconnecting three or four times a day for the last few weeks. I assumed it was the cable from the pavement box to our property as it was previously flagged as failing by Openreach. Our driveway needs to be dug up to replace it, so I haven’t rushed to escalate the issue.

    I now wonder if the work on the Milton Road has caused a problem closer to the exchange. Bizarrely since the issues started our connection had been about 10Mb quicker than it has ever been!

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