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Brownies: volunteers needed – May 2018

My name is Claire Baldwin and I co-run one of the two Brownie Units in the village.
We are very lucky to have the volunteers to be able to run two groups which is unheard of in similar sized villages however to continue to do this we urgently require volunteers to be able to be able to run into 2019.
Closing these groups is the last resort, and we urgently appeal for people to come forward and lead, help or support in any capacity they can.
Please contact

Many thanks
1st and 2nd Bloxham Brownies

Below are a few photos including a recent session we held with the Banbury Rugby club coaching the girls rugby.

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Please get in touch and come and be part of a great organisation will full support and guidance as required.

Many thanks  Claire Baldwin, Sarah Jackson and Nikki Griffiths 1st and 2nd Bloxham Brownies

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  1. That should say I co run one of the units. It’s helpful to be in a team doing it together.

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