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Bumper Apple Day 2017

More than 300 people enjoyed listening to live music, drinking Bloxham cider, eating homemade pizzas cooked in Big Fish (a wood fired pizza oven), playing games, learning about wildlife conservation, making new (and meeting old) friends … and just chilled out in a wildish place.

The weather was lovely, children and dogs nearly behaved themselves, Foxs Morris danced noisily, 5 tons of local apples were pressed into gallons of apple juice (some for cider next year!) and more than £800 was raised towards the costs of Bloxham’s Fun Day next June.

But without 300+ people (visitors and Fun Day helpers) it would have been a dull old day!
So, many thanks to all who made Apple Day 2017 such a happy day, and turneda green backwater into such a joyful space.

Now we gear up for Apple Day 2018. See you there!
Mo and Graham

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