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Charity dinner / auction – 4th Nov 2017


Reserve the date: November 4 Jubilee Hall 7.00pm.

Not for Fireworks but a great value fun dinner in the Jubilee Hall to support African Wild life conservation and to remember one of our own.

After dinner there will be a short presentation on Conservation and the Chris Fenner Fund followed by an auction of valuable gifts.
Donations so far include an attractive framed David Shepherd print (presented by the David Shepherd Foundation) and a bottle of unique Carlton Club gin (Sir Tony Baldry). For details of how to book see below!

We are all familiar with the terrible slaughter of elephant and rhino, and the daily battle against poachers, but they are not the most poached animals. The war will never be won until the slaughter is stopped by local people. The Chris Fenner Fund helps train young African students in conservation and ecology. Winning a scholarship from the Fund is life changing for the students and their families – it brings them qualifications and a job – but also truly life saving for the wild.

Chris lost his life in the Zambian bush 3 years ago. The Fund was set up by Chris’s parents Carol and Mike and his brother Andrew, together with prominent Zambian Conservationists. It commemorates his life and carries on his work. Chris, a former Bloxham and Banbury resident and pupil at the Warriner emigrated to Zambia in 2004. An active conservationist and business owner there, he worked on various projects including covert antipoaching investigations as well as fundraising for Conservation bodies and co-founding an orphanage and school. Chris was a great believer in equal opportunities and empowering the locals. The Fund perpetuates that ethos.

To make your booking visit www.chrisfennerfund/donate and select the PayPal option. (You don’t need a PayPal account) enter the appropriate amount and your name/contact details in the space provided and then follow the usual paying process. If using a card, use the continue button near the card images. We will email you back a confirmation. If you fill a table with family and friends your first bottle of wine is free!

To donate a gift or find out more about the evening visit www.Facebook.com/chrisfennerfund, or write to info@chrisfennerfund.org.

This dinner follows the very successful one held in neighbouring South Newington earlier this year. That was quickly sold out so book your tickets as soon as possible for a great fun evening. Thank you so much.

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