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New Car Share Scheme for Chiltern Railways
Chiltern Railways has recently launched a car-sharing scheme to reduce 1 costs as well as congestion and pollution for its passengers. The scheme is accessed through Chiltern’s new website and enables passengers to share lifts to any destination. Passengers can access the scheme from home or work at www.chilterncarshare.co.uk and register their journey details for free. The system will then tell them if anyone else is going in the same direction, leaving it them to make contact through a secure e-mail connection, and arrange to share the journey and the costs of travel.
The software behind the system has been provided by the specialist car-sharing company, liftshare, which has established more than 900 car-sharing schem-communities across the UK.
As well as reducing travel costs, the scheme has been designed to encourage efficient use of the car, thereby reducing congestion and pollution in the local If three rail passengers traveltogether to a Chiltern Railways operated station in the same car at any time of the day, there is no chargefor car parking; you need to do is simply ask the car park attendant when youarrive at your station and collect your ‘3 gofree’ voucher.
For more information about the scheme, visit www.chilterncarshare.co.uk. For further media information please contact the Chiltern Railways press office on 020 7333 3014, 07771 668793 or mailto: emma.gascoigne(%chilternrailways.co.uk.

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