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Cycling on pavements illegal – Nov 2018

See message below:
Given the nature of the roads in Bloxham we understand that parents may tell their children to cycle on the pavements. If done sensibly many might be accepting of this for youngsters –  but only if parents also make it absolutely clear that in law there is  absolutely no right at all to cycle on the pavement and it’s consequently for them to keep out of the way of pedestrians and not vice versa!

Message Sent By Cheryl Harrison (Police, PCSO, Banbury)

I would like to remind everyone that cycling on any pavements is an offence unless it is on a designated cycle path. This falls under Section 72 of the Highway Act 1835; which makes it an offence to ride or drive on any footpath. Please be mindful of other people when cycling, I appreciate that some roads can hazardous, but you need to acknowledge that the footpath is primarily for pedestrians. It has been reported that some cyclists have been “quite intimidating riding near pedestrians”.

Cyclists, please be aware-this is not acceptable and if caught a £50.00 fine can be issued.



  1. Cars parked on pavements are, of course, no less illegal and an increasing problem in certain parts of Bloxham especially for those with buggys of some sort and for wheelchair users whose existence some motorists prefer to refuse to acknowledge.

  2. Having lived in Cambridge I have no problem with the pavement cyclists in bloxham. There’s always been enough room to pass by and they’ve all been pretty polite. It’s the cars parking across the pavement which is far more annoying especially if you happen to be pushing a buggy and have to go in the busy main road to get round them.

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