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Does anyone read this? Dec 2017

Well – Yes actually and the most commonly used device upon which to view it is now a smartphone (50%.)ย ย  Another 20% view it on i-Pads or other tablets. The remainder use laptops or desktops with chrome being the most popular web-browser.

The Bloxham Broadsheet online website typically gets around 150 page views per day – very slightly down on last year. This, however, does not take account of increasing use of the associated Bloxham Broadsheet online FaceBook page. An increasingly large number of people use FaceBook to get the gist of our posts and visit the website when they want to get more detail.
Perhaps we should add that not every post on the website makes it to the FaceBook page and vice versa so it’s worth looking at both.
The FaceBook page frequently attracts almost 1.5K readers and has currently has 617 page likes.
On FaceBook women outnumber men users by almost 3:1 and the majority are between the ages of 25 and 55.

The paper Broadsheet is probably still the main vehicle of communication within the village – especially for older folk – but the Broadsheet online does have the advantage of a much shorter lead-time thus offering a useful complementary means of getting information out to the community.

Although there are costs involved we receive no funding of any sort to run the online service nor do we carry commercial adverts – which means it only remains a worthwhile project if residents are actually reading it.
So – thanks to everyone for your ongoing support.ย  If there’s something you don’t like about it – tell us! If you do like and value it – please tell others ๐Ÿ™‚

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