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Don’t get burgled this Xmas! Dec 2018

There has been a spate of increased burglaries in the Banbury area lately and Christmas and New Year is traditionally a time when burglary increases in the Thames Valley and across the country.
By taking a proactive approach to home security, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim, while helping to protect others, to build local resilience against burglary.
Celebrating at home:
Don’t leave presents on view under the Christmas tree.
Cut up packaging for any expensive items so that it will fit inside your refuse bin, never leave boxes next to the bin where they can be seen.
Refrain from posting photos of high value presents, such as jewellery or electronics, on social media.
Remember to mark your new presents using a UV pen and register them on the national property register at www.immobilise.com.  
Going away: Make your home appear occupied.
Ask a trusted person to look after your home by pulling the curtains at night and putting your bin out on collection day.
Remind them to put the bin away again once it has been collected.
Invite a neighbour to park on your drive while you are away.
Light up your living room using timer switch. A TV simulator can also be used to make give the appearance of a TV screen being used. 
Double check that you have locked your windows and doors before leaving.
Never advertise on social media that you are away from home, as thieves can gather intelligence and some home insurance policies may become invalidated.
“You can find more burglary crime prevention advice on the Thames Valley Police website at www.thamesvalley.police.uk/burglary.”

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