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Flood risk – any time!

There is an interactive flood map available called guagemap.
It draws upon environment agency data to show the height of Bloxham Brook but it’s maybe quicker and easier to find data not only for for where you live but also where you’re travelling to/through as you can select it from a map by heading here.

The type of display you get is shown below. We’ve added a wiget to the site so you can check it out at any time.
We realise not all flooding in Bloxham comes from the brook – and it certainly carries away the water more quickly than it did 5 years ago – but it at least  gives some indication of the amount of water around!

 Basically – start getting worried about flooding from the brook when the level goes above 1.1m

You can check whether the Environment Agency have a flood waring in force for Bloxham by visiting this link

Click on the diagram below to check-out flood alerts and warnings for Oxfordshire in general.
Note – This may not be fully up-to-date with the  data the link takes you to.

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