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Garden Centre Application makes the Banbury Guardian – May 2018

The Banbury Guardian carries an article about John Wyatt’s application to convert the stable into a home for a worker to increase security and protect stock.
There has been much effort to muster community support and a large number of individuals have expressed their support to  Cherwell District Council Planning Authority.

The Parish Council  is a statutory consultee but has  no power to either approve or veto the application.

The progress of the very large  “Bloxham Vale” development  along the Bloxham Road towards Wykham Lane obviously raises concerns that Bloxham could be  subsumed into a suburb of Banbury.  Both the Neighbourhood Plan and the Cherwell Local Plan place a high emphasis on preventing such coalescence and recognise Ells Lane as the built-up boundary at the Bloxham end of the Bloxham to Banbury Road.

At the individual level many people will sympathise with the Nursery application as being sensible and fairly innocuous. The concern is, however,  that developers will then argue a precedent has been set for ignoring the policies within both the Local and Neighbourhood Plans when it comes to Bloxham so such plans no longer carry any weight –  and there is no shortage of developers queuing up to make just this sort of argument.

As already mentioned it is CDC not the Parish Council who will make that decision but both will be genuinely struggling to balance supporting a popular local business with protecting the long-term interests of the village.  We can only hope that if people understand there is a very genuine dilemma it might increase the chances of people being able to disagree without being disagreeable and maybe even strive to seek advice as to whether there is any way around  what is a very real challenge.





  1. There were multiple consultation opportunities during the Neighbourhood Plan process for residents and businesses to submit written or verbal suggestions or objections and many of these did lead to amendments to the final plan. So far as we recall no objections to the plan were received from the Nursery.
    Whatever the rights or wrongs of this particular case we do have to remember that 903 residents voted in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum more than 97% of whom were in favour of the plan. Statistically it’s pretty hard to argue that this doesn’t represent overwhelming support for the plan policies – especially at a time when we are constantly being told Brexit is happening because a 52:48 majority means, ‘The people have spoken!’

  2. Phillip Piddington says:

    Planning Ref: 18/00594/F

    Chequer Tree Farm, Ells Lane, Bloxham OX15 5EE

    At the time of writing, 18/05/18 there have been 147 mostly hand written public comments supporting this application of which 67 give their address as Bloxham, representing about 2% of the local population.

    The remaining 80 comments come from as far afield as Moreton In Marsh, Balscote, Epwell, Banbury, not to mention Liverton (in Yorkshire presumably).

    On 9th May alone there are 16 hand written public comments, all of which appear to come from the same pad of paper.

    Are we now in a situation where developers can incentivise people, or petition their customers, to support their own planning applications? If so I fear greatly for the future of Bloxham!

    Public sentiment against current developments in Bloxham should not be used to in support of planning applications which fall outside the scope of both the Neighbourhood Plan and Cherwell Local Plan.

    The remaining 98% of the residents of Bloxham, over 3300 people, deserve to be protected by the Neighbourhood Plan and its boundary against speculative development .

    The previous application to develop the site 17/00010F January 2017 received not one public comment supporting the application

    This planning application is a blatant attempt to flout the planning rules and does not best serve the interests of our beautiful village.

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