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Gardening Club – 26th Feb 2018

“Composting, pests and disease.”

It is often very disheartening for anyone wanting to create a beautiful garden, perhaps a novice or not having a lot of knowledge about the many aspects of gardening.
How do you plan which plants to buy, which seeds to sow, where to put them, make decisions, do all the hard work, look forward to seeing the results – only to be bitterly disappointed!
Where did it all go wrong?
That is why the subject of our February meeting is so important, for the novice and all gardeners, there is so much to learn, especially from the experts, so what is the subject?

“Composting, pests and disease.”

Come to learn, learn more, ask questions, sit back and enjoy the presentation from Robert Longstaff who founded the Oxford Garden Project in 2010.

He and his wife are Master Composters for Oxfordshire, seed guardians for the Heritage Seed Library, and tutors at the WI Residential College, Denman.

We meet as usual at 7.45pm in the Parish Rooms next to the Church, this month on Monday 26th February.

All welcome – especially newcomers.


  1. About 20 yards down from the church is the doctors’ surgery (and Godswell Care Home.) You should be find some parking there at this time of day.

  2. Moira McCormick says:

    I was very much hoping to attend tonight’s meeting but I have unexpectedly had to be away for the day and am not sure if I will be back in Bloxham in time. If I can get back is there parking at the Parish rooms and if not where is the best place to park?

    Many thanks


  3. The answer to this question is “Yes!”
    The museum is itself right next to St Mary’s Church. On one side of the museum building is a lane between the museum and the church cemetery. On the other side of the museum is a pathway that leads to the Parish Rooms. Hope that helps.

  4. Hello interested in coming to the gardening club next week where are the Parish rooms right next to the church or by the museum.
    Many thanks Jill

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