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History Club Mtg – Suffragettes – 16th Jan 2019

Bloxham History Club

Wednesday 16 January, 7.30pm
Jubilee Park Hall (off Brickle Lane)

Simon Wenham:

“The Gender Agenda: the British Suffrage Movement”

It is often assumed that women securing the vote was the inevitable result of a successful campaign
mounted by suffragists, but the reality was far more complicated. A wide range of people with
different agendas were represented in the debate, including not only the notorious and polarising
Women’s Social and Political Union, whose radical civil disobedience caused so much unrest,
but also a number of pioneering women who were part of the ‘anti’ movement.
This talk will chart the development of the campaign and how the vote was eventually
won (initially for some women) a century ago.
Admission: free for paid-up members; £3.00 for visitors.

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