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History Club talk -16th May 2018

Bloxham History Club

Wednesday 16 May, 7.30pm

Jubilee Park Hall (off Brickle Lane)

Bruce Smith:

“The drove roads of the south Midlands”

The main purpose of country roads used to be for moving beasts, so most of the roads we drive along
were made by or for drovers. Ones not tarmacked are now byways or bridleways, many have
vanished altogether or been built upon. But there is still a vast network criss-crossing the British
countryside. Bruce Smith has mapped this network and investigated its history. He says, “To come
across an old road untouched by the 20th century is for me an utter joy: 200 years seem to slide off
my shoulders.” His website is at

All are very welcome.

Admission: free for members (£13 annual sub);

£3.00 for visitors

Call Ian Myson 01295 720951 for further information

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