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Hugo – Dogs for Good – Dec 2018

Bloxham’s latest Dogs for Good resident
Hugo is a young black Labrador/Retriever cross currently boarding in Painters Close.
He has left his puppy socialiser and is in training for approximately 16 weeks at the Blacklock Hill kennels.
Hugo goes to “school” every weekday from 9am to 5pm.
His evenings and weekends are spent at home with the Inch family.
Hugo is a lovely natured dog full of enthusiasm for “school”, yet gentle and relaxed at home.
He comes with a long bright red lead and bags of curiousity so if you spot us around Bloxham – please stop and say hello.

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  1. David Keable says:

    Well done the inch family. You will find it very rewarding. Time will pass very quickly. So enjoy him!,

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