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Local Neighbourhood Plans – April 2018

To date, within Cherwell  only Bloxham and Hook Norton have managed to achieve Neighbourhood Plans that have been approved and passed into planning law.

However – according to the Deddington News their draft Neighbourhood Plan has received some encouraging feedback from Cherwell District Council. In it they seek a maximum of 50 new dwellings to be built in Deddington on sites of more than 10 houses between now and 2031, ‘having regard to the services and facilities that exist at Deddington village and to the development experienced at broadly comparable villages such as Bloxham and Adderbury.’  Of course it is an approved independent  inspector that has to finally approve the plan – not Cherwell D.C. but we wish them well as they come within sight of the finishing line!

According to the  Adderbury Parish Council website their Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to an inspector at the start of March and so the outcome for this should be known by the end of this month.  If approved it will go forward to referendum.  Again – we wish you good luck.


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