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Lorry gets stuck at war memorial – 28th Jun 2018

If you’re wondering why  today the A361 was temporarily closed between Courtington Lane and the mini-roundabout the photo (courtesy D & J Yates) tells the story.

A lorry trying to make a delivery to the Joiners got stuck on the verge by the War Memorial. We quite liked the message on the back of the lorry 🙂

Click photo to enlarge.


As we await a response to the latest proposed Tadmarton Road Development we can doubtless rest assured that the developers will have statements to support their application that include what wonderful roads, pavements, cycleways and public transport services the village has enabling all residents to safely and easily access all parts of the village as well as nearby towns.

Thankfully there will be some pavement upgrades at the Bloxham Mill end of the village before too long. For an honest honest appraisal of village walking and cycling connectivity you can read the independent SUSTRANS report commisioned for the Neighbourhood Plan here:  SUSTRANS_Bloxham Village connectivity report.


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