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Michael ‘Charlie’ Viggers – 1942 – 2013

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CharlieViggersHe was born in Banbury and grew up at North Bar, into the family dairy business, Drayton Dairies. He always maintained he was a war baby, typical of the humour which stayed with him all his life, as his many friends and acquaintances will remember.

He attended Dashwood Road School and then Wykham Hall in Ruskin Road where he acquired his nickname Charlie. He worked in the family business until its sale in 1969 and then for some years he ran his own milk delivery service.

Then working a short time at the multi storey car park, gave him more opportunity for humorous banter with the drivers.

Following this he became the postmaster at Bloxham, a position he enjoyed for about ten years, and he made many friends who still remember him for the good service he gave.

On leaving the post office he became a driver and chauffeur at Upper Heyford and Milton Keynes, driving many famous sports and entertainment celebrities, and this he continued to do until his illness.

He was a supporter and member of Banbury Rugby Club for many years and president of the club a few years ago.

He will be sadly missed by all his family and friends as was proved at his funeral, the church was full, not only with people from Bloxham, but also the Rugby Club, work mates and many more



  1. Stuart viggers says:

    Hi George,
    I’m Charlie’s son, my grandma was Muriel and my Grandad was Cyril, if you wish to contact me you can email: thatching@stuartviggers.com.

  2. Dear George

    I’m trying to contact you through you letter in the Banbury Guardian last week

    if you pick this up do—-

    e-mail m.macangus@sky.com or ring 01295 750497

  3. Hello
    I’m trying to find information on Drayton Dairies, based in North Bar, Banbury. My mother worked in the Cafe, run by Muriel Viggers, with Cyril Viggers being my great uncle.
    There seems to be little information on the Internet, so hoping someone in Charlie’s family can help?
    My last chance of discussing it with my side of the family slipped away when my last Auntie passed away in late December 16.
    Can anyone help?

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