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New estate of 150 houses for Bloxham? – Dec 2017

In early November Miller Homes flagged up to nearby residents their intention to apply to build a further estate in Bloxham extending towards Lower Tadmarton. They have now made an official “screening application” for planning permission to Cherwell District Council.

As such an additional large-scale development just along from the primary school would impact the whole village, not just nearest neighbours, we draw everyone’s attention to the proposal.
To date Cherwell DC have not posted the relevant plans etc on their website. When they do we’ll update this post. In reality, although detailed site design is obviously important, the planning permission is more likely to hinge upon arguments as to whether the village infrastructure are genuinely capable of sustaining another 5-600 people in addition to the 4-500 who will occupy the two estates (Tadmarton Rd and Milton Rd) currently under development. (Think roads, pavements schools,recreation facilities etc. plus the fact this area has a recurring history of flooding.)

All residents are entitled to express a view – positive or negative and quoting the reference 17/02502/OUT – to CDC (
In our opinion it complies with neither the Local Plan nor the Neighbourhood Plan but as we know – large developers have a habit of employing planning barristers adept at circumventing the rules so sometime soon we do need to let CDC know what we think of the proposal. We expect the Parish Council may want to encourage residents to respond once we have more details of the proposals.

From CDC Website
Screening opinion to 17/02502/OUT – Outline planning permission for up to 150 dwellings (including 35% affordable housing), landscaping, public open space and green infrastructure including children’s equipped and local play areas, surface water flood attenuation, vehicular access from Tadmarton Road, land for recreational purposes and outdoor learning and associated ancillary works. Outline with all Matters Reserved with the exception of the principal vehicular access from Tadmarton Road | OS Parcel 0078 North West Of Quarry Close Quarry Close Bloxham

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