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NGS Garden Scheme – May -> July 2017

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We have been alerted by a resident of Tysoe to the fact that the NGS Open Gardens scheme will soon be kicking off and that Tysoe will have 11 gardens participating which could make it a ‘good value for time’ visit for those seeking to increase the greeness of their fingers.

The NGS website (click here) carries searchable details of all those participating in the scheme nationally but you may find it simpler to try this ready made search for gardens within about 15 miles of Bloxham.

Alternatively you go straight to the information about the  Tysoe Gardens here.

There is a charge for making the visits. This usually entitles you to visit a number of nearby gardens and the fee is specified on the NGS site. The proceeds go to the specified charities.

Villages open on different  dates so be sure to check this information properly before you set off 🙂

Some Tysoe contributions to the NGS Open Gardens on 3rd-4th June 2017




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