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Old time kinetic theory! July 2018

I was 17 years old and in my first job. I was in lodgings at the time, and not at all sure of myself or what to wear.

My daily question was, “Should I take a mack in case it rains?”

I stood at the door with my kindly host,
It was time to be on my way.
I looked at the sky; “Should I take a mack,
Is it going to rain today?

“You’re neither sugar nor salt gal,
You won’t melt”, was what she said.
As I walked to work, with a mack in my bag,
Her words ran around in my head.

Salt and sugar don’t melt, they dissolve,
From lessons at school I recalled.
“It’s just an old saying”, I told myself,
So, why should it matter at all?

The theory was soon to be tested,
As big splashy raindrops I felt.
I put on my mackintosh – just in case
I should start to dissolve or melt!

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