Oxfordshire County Council Flood Prevention Work 2007 – 17

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Flooding in Bloxham, March 2016

The latest Oxfordshire County Council News Update has an article of how the Council has worked to protect against flooding.

The money has been spent by the county council on:

  • Flood bunds
  • Replacement culverts
  • Additional culverts
  • Upsizing highway drains
  • New highway drainage systems
  • Flood storage areas
  • Ditch maintenance
  • Maintenance of the highway drainage system
  • Jetting and investigating existing drainage systems

The county council has spent the money in the following district council boundary areas over the last 10 years:

Area Expenditure Population (2013)
Oxford city £2,901,650 154,800
South Oxfordshire £1,433,000 136,000
West Oxfordshire £1,264,000 108,000
The Vale £1,066,000 123,600
Cherwell District £205,414 143,700

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