P.C. response to Proposed Additional Estate – Jan 2018

The following was received from Bloxham Parish Council.
If you wish to express a view upon why the proposed new estate should /should not gain permission you can send your thoughts to quoting the reference 17/02502/OUT .
So far very few seem to have done so – which will be interpreted as residents not being especially bothered one way ot the other – and responses are needed by Friday 12th Jan 2018

17/02502/OUT – Outline planning permission for up to 150 dwellings on OS Parcel 0078 North West Of Quarry Close, Quarry Close, Bloxham (next to the Miller Homes site on Tadmarton Road)

Bloxham Parish Council intends to object to this application on the following planning grounds:

  1. It is not disputed that Cherwell District Council can demonstrate a 5 year supply of housing land
  2. It is contrary to policies BL1 and BL2 of Bloxham’s Neighbourhood Development Plan
  3. It is contrary to CDC Local Plan Part 1: Policy Villages 1 and Policy Villages 2.
  4. NPPF establishes as a core planning principle that planning should be genuinely plan led.

The deadline for comments is Friday 12 January 2018, so any responses from residents need to be sent as soon as possible to

Plans can be viewed here, using reference: 17/02502/OUT


  1. Chances of a by-pass are zero.
    Too early to tell yet whether the Neighbourhood Plan will actually carry weight. Certainly the scenario where there are very few objections will favour approval.
    An email to the effect “This is contrary to the Bloxham Neighbourhood Plan Policies BL1 & 2 which very recently recieved 97% appproval” shouldn’t require too many blood pressure tablets?

  2. Seems like a waste of time, effort and blood pressure tablets as NOTHING in the past has been stopped. It’s all gone ahead putting more pressure on local amenities and services.
    Very soon the village will need a bypass because of traffic snarl ups into and out of it.

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