Parish Council Letter to Bloxham Residents- March 2017

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Dear Resident,

The future of Cherwell District Council

The Leader of Cherwell District Council, Barry Wood, has put forward an impassioned appeal to us to do everything possible to save CDC from the abolition that would result, following a successful bid by Oxfordshire County Council to become the unitary authority for the County. (Cherwell District Council webcast Parish Liaison meeting 21 March 2017)

If this should happen the new Unitary Authority would need to undertake a Strategic Plan for the whole County.  The new authority is proposed to come into being in 2019, therefore it is feasible to consider that Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan 2015 -2031 would no longer be considered as a material Statutory Planning document.

As Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan relates to the Policies in Cherwell District Council Local Plan, it would be redundant and our years of work would have been wasted.

It cannot be denied that from a neighbourhood plan perspective the survival of Cherwell District Council’s Local Plan for its full term until 2031 is crucial to any confidence we, as local communities may have in the Government’s commitment to neighbourhood plans and to localism.

In this circumstance Bloxham Parish Council urge you to write to the Secretary of State, the Housing Minister and our MP to alert them to this devastating implication of the OCC proposal.

The contact details are below.  Please could also copy in the Parish Council and Councillor Chris Heath:-

Secretary of State Communities and Local Government
Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP,
House of Commons,

Housing Minister Gavin Barwell
Gavin Barwell
House of Commons
Banbury MP
Victoria Prentis
House of Commons,
Councillor Chris Heath


Bloxham Parish Council

In addition, residents can sign the petition to register their opposition to the proposals at

Please could you write your letter and/or sign the petition before the end of March 2017.

Thank you for your support.

Bloxham Parish Council


  1. A fair point but we had also published articles on February 9th, March 5th and March 16th.
    I’m not sure what more we could have done?

  2. David Gordon says:

    Its great for items like this to be published. BUT to get a petition signed with a closing date end of March when the item was published on March 29, 2017 at 8:54 pm.
    I dont look at the web site every day

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