Parish Council Notes – July 2018

Bloxham Parish Council
Report for July 2018

During July 2018, there was one meeting of the Parish Council, the Planning & Strategy Committee and the Resources Committee.  All Councillors serve on at least one Committee, but some Councillors serve on two Committees.

The Planning & Strategy Committee met on Tuesday 10 July 2018 and residents are reminded that Cherwell District Council (CDC) is the planning authority and it determines whether planning applications are approved or refused, not the Parish Council.  The Parish Council makes comments on a planning application once Councillors have given consideration to the policies in the Bloxham Neighbourhood Development Plan, the Local Plan and national planning policy.

Bloxham Parish Council has delegated the authority to the Planning & Strategy Committee to submit comments to CDC on its behalf. Parish Councillors consider representations made to the Committee either in writing or during the public forum. The Committee then deliberates how the application fits with relevant planning policies, this is open to residents to listen, but not to participate.

The Committee objected to application 18/00886/F relating to the hard courts area adjoining Little Bridge Road, Bloxham and also applications 18/01113/F & 18/01112/ADV relating to Motor Fuel Ltd, Bloxham Service Station, Bloxham.  The Parish Council’s full objections are available on Cherwell District Council’s web site. The Parish Council also made comments on the Traffic Management Plan in relation to the works at Warriner School.

The next meeting of the Planning & Strategy Committee is being held on Tuesday 10 September 2018 at 7.30pm at Bloxham Primary School.

The Resources Committee met on Thursday 5 July 2018 and Councillor Jenny Yates was appointed as Chairman for 2018/2019. It was agreed that a meeting with the Head Teacher of the Primary School would be arranged to discuss future funding of the Cherry Tree Centre, a Strategic Plan for the Parish Council would be progressed and contact would be made with the Parochial Church Council and the Royal British Legion to discuss how the village would mark the death of the senior national figure, such as a member of the Royal Family.

During July 2018, Councillors and the Clerk continued their work on projects around the village, including issues which would be progressed following the Parish Council meeting held on 6 August 2018:


  • potholes can be reported by residents at, along with other highways and street lighting issues.  When reporting on this site, photographs are useful;
  • discussions would be held with residents on Barford Road about possible additional street lighting and should residents support this proposal, a meeting would be held with County Councillor Kieron Mallon to discuss this and other Highway issues to seek his views and support;
  • meetings with contractors regarding the Christmas lights;
  • CDC would be asked to produce a report on the effectiveness of the parking patrols which are carried out in the village by Thames Valley Police;
  • quotes would be obtained for clearing land in Queen Street fenced by the Parish Council and the footpath leading from Greenhills Park to Queen Street would be cleared.  Whilst the ownership of these areas of land is not clear, the Parish Council felt that it should carry out this work for the benefit of residents and to improve the appearance of the area;
  • a Way marker on the Water Lane Bridleway would be requested to be reinstated by Bloxham School;
  • the opening event for The Slade had gone very well and so too had the Meadow Cut Day.  The Environment Committee would investigate publishing a leaflet which included information on all the bridleways and public rights of way around the village.  It was emphasised that fire lighting and camping at The Slade is not permitted; and
  • an assessment of the War Memorial has shown no damage to it following an incident with a lorry, however, one of the slabs has a small crack in it.

Legal and Finance matters:

  • continued engagement with the Parish Council’s Solicitors, Aplins, regarding the content of Legal Agreements concerned with the release of Section 106 funds from Cherwell District Council;
  • the Parish Council would make a contribution to the Royal British Legion towards the maintenance of the Church Scrolls; and
  • the Parish Council had arranged a meeting regarding CDC’s Community Infrastructure Fund on Wednesday 5 September 2018 at 7.00pm at Jubilee Hall.  All village organisations who are interested in receiving more information on the Fund are invited to attend.

Planning matters (in addition to the work of the Planning and Strategy Committee):

  • CDC would be asked whether their officers could run a training session for Parish Councillors on how Town and Parish Councils fit into the planning system and how to make effective responses to planning applications; and
  • dealing with complaints relating to the 24-hour licence for alcohol at the Esso Garage in Bloxham and liaising with Cherwell District Council.  A meeting between the Parish Council and CDC regarding this site was being held at the end of August 2018;

Play Areas

  • installation of  the new play equipment at both the Jubilee Park and the Recreation Ground would commence in September 2018; and
  • John Hicks would complete the post installation inspections once the new equipment had been installed.


  • web site and Facebook updates with Parish Council news;
  • the new Parish Council web site was still being worked on; and
  • attendance at the ‘Drop-in and Chat’ on 14 July 2018.  Following a concern raised at the last session it should be noted that the speed camera in the village is in operation. The next sessions are on Saturday 8 September 2018 and 13 October 2018 at the Ex-Servicemen’s Hall, Bloxham.  Sessions are held on the second Saturday of the month.

To dog owners, please ensure that all dog faeces are cleared up and either taken home (and placed in household waste green bins) or placed in the dog bins provided.  Take extra care on grassed areas where children play. If the dog bins are full please do not leave the bags on the ground. There has been an increase in reports of faeces not being cleared, especially on the Recreation Ground and Jubilee Park. Could dog owners adhere to the signs posted in these areas and the Slade regarding dogs on leads.

The following are reminders to residents:

  • now is the time to check and cut back hedges and trees encroaching onto pedestrian footpaths to ensure safe passage for pedestrians;
  • cut back trees overhanging and obscuring street lights to enable safe walking through the dark evenings;
  • avoid spreading litter and always use the litter bins provided; and
  • could vehicle owners avoid parking on the pavement limiting the space available for pedestrian, wheel chair and pushchair users.

Meeting Dates: Parish Council meetings are held on the first Monday of the month (except when there is a bank holiday and it is the following Monday), at the Parish Rooms at 7.30pm.  If you wish to attend, please check these details with the Clerk, prior to the meeting, in case there have been any changes.  Information is also available on the Parish Council web site.  The meeting on 3 September 2018 will commence at 7.00pm.
Drop-in and Chat:  Usually the second Saturday of the month, 10.30am to 11.30am at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall.
Minutes & Reports:  The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at
Roads (including potholes)/footpaths/street lighting/overhanging trees/hedges:  Report to Oxfordshire County Council

Electricity: SSE 0800 294 3259 or text phone 0800 316 5457, UK Power Networks – 0800 169 9970, Western Power Distribution – 0800 096 3080
Water:Thames Water 0800 009 3652 or text phone 0800 316 6899, Anglian Water 03457 91 91 55
Power failure: If there’s a power cut call the free number 105 to check what’s happening with your local provider

No water: Find out what’s happening by calling Thames Water on 0800 980 8800

Thames Valley Police Alert:

You can sign up to Thames Valley Alert via email, text, or even receive voice messages about what’s happening in your local area.
The service is completely tailored to you, so you can choose what sort of alerts you would like to receive – whether you’d like news on local incidents, community news, or you’d just like to be alerted to significant or high priority messages. When you sign up to Thames Valley Alert (a free service) you will be given login details that will allow you to change your settings at any time. There is also a business watch service and a country watch service.
If you’d like to sign up to Thames Valley Alert, you can join via the Thames Valley Alert website,  or download the free Thames Valley Alert app by visiting the Apple store or Google Play store. If you already have an Alerts account, you can sign into the app with the same login details.

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