Parish Council Report – Aug 2017

During August 2017, there was one meeting of the Parish Council, one meeting of the Staffing Committee and one meeting of the Environment Committee.  All Councillors serve on at least one Committee, but some Councillors serve on two Committees.

The Planning and Strategy Committee did not meet during August 2017, but continued to liaise throughout the month with the District Council, Oxfordshire County Council and developers with regard to the various developments affecting the village.

The next meeting was being held on 12 September 2017 at Bloxham Primary School.  The Planning and Strategy Committee usually met on the second Tuesday of the month at Bloxham Primary School.

At the meeting of the Environment Committee on 29 August 2017, the following was recommended to the Parish Council and was subsequently approved:

  • the dog waste bin in Donkey Field would be replaced due to a damaged lid;
  • Christmas lights to decorate lamp posts and provide up lighting for trees possibly at the War Memorial and Churchyard be sourced for the village, hopefully for installation for Christmas 2017;
  • launch date for official opening of The Slade be Easter 2018;
  • the branch overhanging the pavement (Sycamore tree) in the grass verge outside 16 Brookside Way be reported to Oxfordshire County Council;
  • Oxfordshire County Council be contacted about the reinstatement works at the Milton Road/Barford Road junction;
  • Thames Water be contacted again about the reinstatement works relating to the iron works at the pumping station on Tadmarton Road;
  • Nigel Prickett be asked for a quote with regard to the additional grass cutting in the village, should it be taken over by the Parish council  from the County Council;
  • minor issues with the Circular Walk would be discussed with the Footpath Warden;
  • the Winter Volunteers be contacted to establish whether they were willing to continue to assist the Parish Council with gritting the footpaths again this winter;
  • Bloxham School be contacted to establish the location of the manual grit spreaders and whether the grit was still usable;
  • the overgrown vegetation including self set saplings  in the Walsingham Amenity area be removed;
  • redevelopment of the Walsingham Close amenity area be discussed at the next meeting, however it was noted that the land had to stay as amenity land, as per the planning permission and could not be used for a car park;
  • the costs for new planters on Tadmarton Road would be included in the Environment budget for 2018/2019;
  • the Gardening Club would be asked to look at planting purple crocuses on the green triangle on the A361 opposite the petrol station, in support of ‘Purple4Polio’; and
  • the quote from J&M Humphris be accepted for the maintenance works to the War Memorial.

During August 2017, Councillors and the Clerk continued their work on projects around the village, which included:

  • engaging with the Parish Council’s Solicitors, Aplins, regarding the content of Legal Agreements concerned with the release of S106 funds for the above projects;
  • continued contact with Cherwell District Council with regard to the proposal to transfer to the Parish Council, amenity land on Barford Road from Miller Homes;
  • reviewing the condition of the benches in the village and compiling a maintenance programme;
  • Bloxham Apple Day was being held on 8 October 2017;
  • overseeing planned and emergency works to trees;
  • liaison with the Recreation Ground trustees and Jubilee Park Management Committee with regard to the new play equipment;
  • continued dialogue with Cherwell District Council with regard to releasing Section 106 funds for projects at Jubilee Hall, Ellen Hinde Hall, the Recreation Ground and the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall and also the play equipment project funded from the Bovis Development;
  • maintenance work at Jubilee Hall;
  • work parties at The Slade;
  • liaison with the Dog Warden, who would be undertaking patrols at Jubilee Park and the Recreation Ground and fines would be issued to those walkers who did not clear up after their dogs;
  • a new advertising board for the ‘Drop-in and Chat’ sessions;
  • dealing with queries relating to the road closures and temporary traffic lights in the village.  These were both the responsibility of Oxfordshire County Council and OCC officers had confirmed that, due to the number of temporary traffic lights around the County, they were unable to advise Parish Councils when they would be used.  Therefore the Parish Council was unable to forewarn residents or have any input into their use in the village.
  • discussions with Oxfordshire County Council with regards measures to prevent hazardous parking on Tadmarton Road and the County Council’s bid for improvement measures for the A361 through Bloxham; and
  • organising the removal of hedge/tree pruning’s “dumped” on the Green opposite the garage.

At the Parish Council meeting on 7 August 2017, the following items were discussed:

  • a presentation from three residents with regard to their skatepark proposals was received and further work would be completed for the next meeting.  This included a questionnaire which would be sent to pupils who attended the schools in the village, identification of potential areas of land suitable for a skatepark, fundraising and involvement of other local Parish Councils. The Council agreed that this was a worthwhile project and would seek to support it;
  • the Trustees of Ellen Hinde Hall attended the meeting to request additional Section 106 funding for the project at the Hall.  The Parish Council was supportive of the request and felt that the Trustees should be more ambitious and look to future proof storage provision and  asked that amended plans be submitted to the next meeting, which included more details on the additional storage which was required;
  • the Planning & Strategy Committee would respond to the County Council’s consultation on a proposed weight restriction of 7 and a half tonnes on the A361 in Burford, residents would be informed of this consultation to add their comments;
  • John Wyatt advised on suitable types of tree for Greenhills Park;
  • the Planning & Strategy Committee would formulate a robust objection to the Taylor Wimpey comments on Oxford’s Unmet Housing Need which made reference to land in Bloxham;
  • in conjunction with Cherwell District Council, parking patrols would be starting around the village focussing on unsafe parking and parking on pavements;
  • planning permission for the works to improve the changing facilities at Jubilee Hall had been granted by Cherwell District Council and meetings would be held to discuss the next steps;
  • play equipment installation would start w/c 11 September 2017 at the Recreation Ground followed by the Jubilee Park;
  • Red Brick, the Housing Association on the Miller Homes development on Tadmarton Road would be asked for their policy with regard to allocating homes on the site;
  • the Deed of Variation for the Section 106 agreement relating to the Miller Homes, Milton Road site had been completed and the Parish Council was waiting for a copy of the side letters;
  • the Chairman and Vice-Chairman were authorised to sign the legal documents relating to the play equipment projects and the Section 106 projects at Ellen Hinde Hall, the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall, Recreation Ground and Jubilee Hall;
  • the Parish Council agreed it would fund the repair for an existing item at the Jubilee Park play area;
  • a shield would be requested from OCC Street Lighting to be added to a street light in Hawke Lane following a request from a resident  about light pollution through their bedroom window; and
  • it was noted that following correspondence from a resident regarding the Nursery on Ells Lane   it was not within the Parish Council’s power to stop  refuse any planning applications which had been submitted to Cherwell District Council.  This was a power which was within Cherwell District Council’s as Local Planning Authority remit and the Parish Council could only make comments on material planning grounds as contained within the CDC Local Plan, Bloxham’s NDP and the NPPF, to planning applications as a statutory consultee.


Please could residents pay special attention to cutting back hedges and trees to ensure safe walking at night.  It is important to keep footpaths and walkways clear of encroaching growth and ensuring street lights are effective.

Please could residents not throw rubbish into the gardens of other people’s properties or into the hedgerows, and either take their litter home or use the litter bins provided in the village.

To dog owners, please ensure that all dog faeces are cleared up and either taken home (and placed in household waste green bins) or placed in the dog bins provided.  Take extra care on grassed areas where children play. If the dog bins are full please do not leave the bags on the ground.

Meeting Dates: Parish Council meetings are held on the first Monday of the month (except when there is a bank holiday and it is the following Monday), at the Parish Rooms at 7.30pm.  If you wish to attend, please check these details with the Clerk, prior to the meeting, in case there have been any changes.  Information is also available on the Parish Council web site.
Drop-in and Chat:  Usually Second Saturday of the month, 10.30am to 11.30am at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall.
Minutes & Reports:  The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at
Electricity: SSE 0800 294 3259 or text phone 0800 316 5457, UK Power Networks – 0800 169 9970, Western Power Distribution – 0800 096 3080
Water:Thames Water 0800 009 3652 or text phone 0800 316 6899, Anglian Water 03457 91 91 55
Power failure: If there’s a power cut call the free number 105 to check what’s happening with your local provider

No water: Find out what’s happening by calling Thames Water on 0800 980 8800



Due to a recent resignation, there are now two vacancies on Bloxham Parish Council.

Being a Parish Councillor in Bloxham gives you a real opportunity to make a difference to the community and it gives you a chance to help make Bloxham an even better place to live.

To find out more about joining Bloxham Parish Council please call Theresa Goss on 01295 710965 or email    Or, to apply to be co-opted to the vacancies, just write a brief summary about you and your skills and why you would like to be a Parish Councillor and send it to Theresa at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury, OX17 2GD or email to

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