Parish Council Report – Sept 2017

Bloxham Parish Council
Report for September 2017

During September 2017, there was one meeting of the Parish Council, one meeting of the Planning & Strategy Committee and one meeting of the Resources Committee.  All Councillors serve on at least one Committee, but some Councillors serve on two Committees.

The Planning and Strategy Committee met on Tuesday 12 September 2017 and a number of members of the public were in attendance.  In addition to commenting on planning applications, Councillors prepared the Parish Council’s responses to Oxfordshire County Council’s consultation on the proposed weight restriction for Burford and Cherwell District Council’s consultation on Oxford’s Unmet Housing Need.

The next meeting was being held on 10 October 2017 at Bloxham Primary School.  The Planning & Strategy Committee usually met on the second Tuesday of the month at Bloxham Primary School and minutes of the meetings were available on the Parish Council web site.

The Resources Committee met on Thursday 28 September 2017 and Jenny Yates was appointed as Chairman of the Committee for 2017/2018 following the resignation of Andy Taplin.  The following were recommended to the Parish Council for approval;

  • minor amendments to the Parish Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Risk Register, Asset Register and other policies.  Copies were available on the Parish Council web site;
  • the Baptist Church would be asked whether it could accommodate a Library Access Point;
  • the report from the external auditor for 2016/2017;
  • the adjusted Environment budget to allow for new Christmas lights was requested to be presented to the next Parish Council meeting;
  • budget monitoring for April to September 2017 was noted;
  • budget preparations for 2018/2019 were deferred to the next meeting; and
  • an update on funding with regard to New Homes Bonus, Section 106 funds, the Slade and the Circular Walk was received.

During September 2017, Councillors and the Clerk continued their work on projects around the village, which included:

  • liaison with Field and Lawn (Christmas lights provider) and Western Power with regard to the new Christmas lights;
  • engaging with the Parish Council’s Solicitors, Aplins, regarding the content of Legal Agreements concerned with the release of Section 106 funds;
  • continued contact with Cherwell District Council with regard to the proposal to transfer to the Parish Council, amenity land on Barford Road from Miller Homes.  The Parish Council seeks to dispel any claim that this land was to be used for the proposed skatepark;
  • liaison with the Recreation Ground Trustees and Jubilee Park Management Committee with regard to the new play equipment which had now been installed.  Phase two of the works would not start until Cherwell District Council had received further Section 106 funds from Miller Homes;
  • continued dialogue with Cherwell District Council with regard to releasing Section 106 funds for projects at Jubilee Hall, Ellen Hinde Hall, the Recreation Ground and the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall;
  • meeting with the Bloxham Recreation Ground Trustees to discuss possible projects at the Rec now that it had been agreed not to pursue the drainage works because the benefit did not outweigh the high cost of the works, which were estimated at between £50,000 to £80,000;
  • meeting with the Jubilee Hall project team to discuss the proposed changing rooms extension;
  • maintenance and repair work to the existing play equipment at the Jubilee Park;
  • discussions with Oxfordshire County Council, Miller Homes and Bloxham Primary School with regard to highway issues on Tadmarton Road and matters relating to the Miller Homes development;
  • liaising with Cherwell District Council for information relating to the provision of affordable homes on the two Miller Homes sites in the village;
  • liaison with the Dog Warden, who would be undertaking patrols at Jubilee Park and the Recreation Ground and fines would be issued to those walkers who did not clear up after their dogs;
  • liaison with the grass cutting contractor for a quote to undertake the rural grass cutting (in the areas from 30mph limit to the Parish boundary);
  • dealing with issues relating to the Parish trees and their maintenance;
  • requesting Oxfordshire County Council contact householders where trees and hedges encroach on pavements;
  •   volunteers carried out two work parties at The Slade Nature Reserve, continuing the work on the culvert and boardwalks;
  • maintenance and repair work at the Jubilee Hall; and
  • attendance at the Rural Community Forum organised by Thames Valley Police.

At the Parish Council meeting on 2 October 2017, the following items were discussed:

  • Tom Smith had resigned from the Parish Council for personal reasons and the Councillors thanked him for all his work as a Councillor and also for his offer of continued support to the Parish Council;
  • Leonard Leigh was co-opted onto the Parish Council, however there were still two vacancies and anyone who was interested in becoming a Councillor should contact the Clerk, Theresa Goss;
  • the fencing around the entrance to the Bovis site on Barford Road would be removed once the Section 278 licence for the works had been granted by the County Council;
  • Greg Harrison attended the meeting to discuss the proposed new skatepark and he provided results on the successful survey he had circulated to the three schools in the village and to Christopher Rawlins Primary School in Adderbury.   The feedback showed that this would be a popular facility for children in the area.  Greg also provided drawings of a range of skateparks and for the next meeting, he would provide information on funding providers.  The Parish Council would also speak to Cherwell District Council about funding for the project and investigate possible sites in the village;
  • a report on the Cherry Tree Centre and its success so far;
  • Deddington Parish Council would be requested to provide information on its ‘Community Speed Watch’ Scheme in Deddington;
  • a meeting with Tom Darlington at Cherwell District Council would be held on 4 October 2017 to discuss the release of the Section 106 funds to the Parish Council;
  • agreement to fund the repairs to the gate and swing in the play area at Jubilee Park;
  • further work had been undertaken with regard to the new Christmas lights for 2017.  If the infrastructure could be put in place in time for Christmas, then an extraordinary meeting of the Parish Council would be called to consider the costs;
  • correspondence relating to the use of the disabled bay outside of the shops by people who should not be using it;
  • the hard work which was being put into the Bloxham Fun Day 2018 by the Committee; and
  • John Hicks and Associates would be asked to complete the post installations checks for the new play equipment at Bloxham Recreation Ground and Jubilee Park.


Please could residents pay special attention to cutting back hedges and trees to ensure safe walking at night.  It is important to keep footpaths and walkways clear of encroaching growth and ensuring street lights are effective.

Please could residents not throw rubbish into the gardens of other people’s properties or into the hedgerows, and either take their litter home or use the litter bins provided in the village.

To dog owners, please ensure that all dog faeces are cleared up and either taken home (and placed in household waste green bins) or placed in the dog bins provided.  Take extra care on grassed areas where children play. If the dog bins are full please do not leave the bags on the ground.

Meeting Dates: Parish Council meetings are held on the first Monday of the month (except when there is a bank holiday and it is the following Monday), at the Parish Rooms at 7.30pm.  If you wish to attend, please check these details with the Clerk, prior to the meeting, in case there have been any changes.  Information is also available on the Parish Council web site.
Drop-in and Chat:  Usually Second Saturday of the month, 10.30am to 11.30am at the Ex-Serviceman’s Hall.
Minutes & Reports:  The minutes and reports relating to the Parish Council meetings and the meetings of the Committees, are available at
Electricity: SSE 0800 294 3259 or text phone 0800 316 5457, UK Power Networks – 0800 169 9970, Western Power Distribution – 0800 096 3080
Water:Thames Water 0800 009 3652 or text phone 0800 316 6899, Anglian Water 03457 91 91 55
Power failure: If there’s a power cut call the free number 105 to check what’s happening with your local provider

No water: Find out what’s happening by calling Thames Water on 0800 980 8800



Due to resignations, there are now two vacancies on Bloxham Parish Council.

Being a Parish Councillor in Bloxham gives you a real opportunity to make a difference to the community and it gives you a chance to help make Bloxham an even better place to live.

To find out more about joining Bloxham Parish Council please call Theresa Goss on 01295 710965 or email    Or, to apply to be co-opted to the vacancies, just write a brief summary about you and your skills and why you would like to be a Parish Councillor and send it to Theresa at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury, OX17 2GD or email to

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