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Please vote for Ellen Hinde Hall cash – Oct 20th 2017

Our history in Bloxham

The hall near the Elephant and Castle pub on Chapel Street was given to the village of Bloxham by a lady who grew up here called Ellen Hinde, to give thanks for her father coming home safely from the First World War, 88 years ago. 

Thanks to her lovely gift we have the hall, but there is no money for its upkeep or maintenance.  


Vote for us!

We’re hoping that with help from M&S we can win an award for £6,500 for a new modern and efficient heating system.

Over a hundred people from ages 3 to 83 use the hall in Bloxham every week including ballet, badminton, boys brigade and circuit training.

So please click this link and vote for the Ellen Hinde Hall by October 20th.

You don’t have to register, it won’t cost you a penny but it might help us win a grant and get a new central heating system!  Vote now and help your hall!

Support our campaign to help us raise funds for a new heating system, and watch out for our campaigns around Bloxham.

We have a facebook page where you can find more information about us, and the clubs and activities which take place in the hall. And of course you’re always welcome to join us so please get in touch!

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  1. Simon Batten says:

    I’ve voted for you. A worthy cause. I think it was actually her son, Lieutenant John Egerton Berthon Hinde of the Royal Field Artillery, who returned from the war. Her father, Philip Reginald Egerton, who founded Bloxham School, had died in 1911. Her grandson, Hugh Hinde, sadly passed away last year.

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