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Proposed Tadmarton Rd Development – Nov 2017

We note the existence of a new website seeking to gather support for a new development proposal that will be submitted to Cherwell District Council later this year.

You can visit the site by clicking here.

The proposed development basically extends the village beyond the existing built-up boundary towards Tadmarton.
It also has the impact of making the area behind Courtington Lane –  stretching up to Hobb Hill – look increasingly like an infill area and we know there have been previous expressions of interest in building here as well.

The website invites comments from Bloxham residents. This is partly because the developers need to say they have consulted with the local community and partly to ensure their planning application is expressed in the manner most likely to be conducive to permission being granted by Cherwell Planning for up to 150 extra houses.

You can read the proposals by going to the website and downloading individual sections of the proposals clicking here.
Alternatively you can download the combined document by clicking here.

To express your views about the pros, cons or general desirability of a further 150 houses along the Tadmarton Road  you can respond by email to (Using ‘Tadmarton Road‘ as the subject line).
Alternatively post your views to Consultation Tadmarton Road, Planning Prospects, 4 Mill Pool, Nash Lane, Belbroughton, DY9 9AF

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