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Purse Dipping Epidemic – Dec 2017

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Cheryl Harrison (Police, PCSO, Chipping Norton, Banbury)


Purse dipping in Chipping Norton, we have today had several reports of a person barging into people shopping in chipping norton and taking purses and wallets from either shopping trollies , handbags and from inside pockets of jackets.

1. Ensure hand bags and shopping trollies are secure and zipped up.
2. Do not leave handbags hooked onto shopping trollies .
3. Do not leave Shopping trollies ( the small 4 wheeled type used to place shopping and handbags in with a zipped cover ) with handbags sat on the top
4. Do not place handbags on the floor when at restaurants coffee shops or local public houses
5. Ensure wallets are placed in a zipped inside pocket and not in a trouser or jean pocket

Purse bells are available from either Neighbourhood Team or NHW co-ordinator and have recently been very effectively when a member of our community stopped a person from taking their wallet from their pocket , they heard the bell ring as they tried to remove the wallet from their person.

Please stay vigilant at all times and don’t be a victim, Purse/Wallet theft is on the increase especially at this time of year !

PCSO Cheryl Harrison C9928
Chipping Norton NHT

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