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Ride and Stride Event – 9th Sept 2017

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It’s not long now until the next Oxford Historic Churches Trust annual Ride and Stride on the  9th September

They are looking for local families to take the challenge and join this sponsored event whereby participants travel between our wonderful churches, enjoying their architecture and history which, let’s face it, we often take for granted.  The funds raised ensures their beauty can be appreciated by future generations.

So why not get on your bike, feet, horse, tractor or any form of transport you choose to search out and support all the finest church architecture Oxfordshire has to offer? Believe it or not, churches do not mend themselves, they need constant repair, maintenance and improvements. Our churches are not only places of worship, they are community focal points, providing a venue for playgroups, events, celebrations, festivals as well as being a place of peace and sanctuary.

The Ride and Stride event is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors as a family, get some exercise, give back to your community and seek out some of our hidden treasures. Why not check out the glorious fan vaulted chapel at North Leigh or count the gargoyles in St Mary’s at Adderbury?

Thanks to over 500 participants  £115,000 was raised last year but that isn’t enough to help our churches and communities in need.

Why not take the challenge and help us to reach our 2017 target of £140,000.

Over 500 churches in the county will open their doors to participants between 10am and 6pm.
Age is no excuse, our youngest participant last year was just a few months old and our eldest ninety one!

Taking part is easy, you can sign up online in just a few simple steps here

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