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Scout History – can you help? – April 2017

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The following letter has been received from Graham Duckworth, 1st Bloxham Scout Group Leader

I was hoping you could help us (1st Bloxham Scout Group) with a project we are working on.

We are trying to trace the history of the Scout group back through the decades and have done quite well with it’s early history (1910) and late history (Post 2004) but we have a large gap in-between.

We are looking to fill in the gaps with names of leaders, pictures, anything that the people of the village can remember so that we can record this big part of the youth in the village.

Our current web site has what we have got details on already including a letter from Lord Baden Powel to the Scouts of Bloxham in  1931 and another from Ron Hayward (ex-General Secretary of the Labour Party) who was a Bloxham Scout but we would love more memories.

Our Group History – 1st Bloxham Scout Group

You can comment directly in the reply box or email information here and we’ll pass it on.


  1. Mary Clifton says:

    Will email you and arrange delivery

  2. Dear Mary
    That would be wonderful. Could you contact me directly using my e-mail

  3. Mary Clifton says:

    Yes, we have a group photograph, a photo of Leslie Clifton in scout uniform and his certificate dated January 1932. You are welcome to copies.
    Have you seen Betty Walton’s book, “The heart of Bloxham” there are some photographs in there but obviously we can’t give you permission to use those ones.

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