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It was there in the bowl with the washing up, A patterned handle, minus its cup. The cup was saved, as it wasn’t cracked, It had so many uses, now a handle it lacked. No more to be filled with coffee or tea, It might be a reject, but now it was free, To be used far more than its tea-set mates That only came out on special dates. Sometimes that damaged cup of ours Held water for painting, or wild flowers. Or soap suds and clay pipe, so we could blow Wet, rainbow bubbles, – ‘Can 1 have a go?’ Dripping from the roast, it held on Sunday, that vanished on teatime toast on Monday. For broken eggs it was just the right size, or for left-over spuds, that would later be fried. Cups and saucers now often give way, to mugs with handles that do not stray. Dripping is banned from our modern diet. And Sylvan Soap Flakes! Can you still buy it? Brenda Kirkham (My father took this photo of my sister Gillian in 1939 and entered it for a competition, but the war started and the competition was cancelled and the photograph returned.)

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