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Slade Opening Photos – 15th July 2018

And so it was that people gathered for the official opening of the Slade Nature Reserve in Bloxham.

After a formal ‘elasticated’ unveiling of the entrance sign we were treated to an account of the history of the purchase and development of the Slade along with an explanation of the three different types of eco-system.   Nobody was despatched to the Pest-house.

For photos see below.  Click to enlarge


  1. Marie Jones says:

    The site of the pest house is shown on the map in the photos above. It is a mound that is covered in vegetation next to the stream in the northern area of the reserve.

  2. Yes – it was pointed out during the guided walk on the Opening – along with explanations of the routes to the cemetery avoiding the main village etc!
    Unfortunately what’s left of it is pretty-well hidden by trees and plants now so you could be forgiven for not spotting it. Marie Jones may be able to explain the location.

  3. Mrs W Williams says:

    Does anyone know where the pest house was?

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