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Support for Victims of Crime – May 2017

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Victims First is funded  by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley and is best  accessed via the web.

  • It is dedicated to ensuring all victims of crime receive the support they need to cope and recover from the impact of their crime.
  • It provides this support directly or by signposting victims to other appropriate organisations.
  • Services available  include web, phone and face to face support.
  • Ticking the sort of crime in a list on this page of the website and clicking search helps you in find the right organisation  for your needs.
  • The support is available regardless of whether or not you decide to report the crime to the police.
  • If you do decide to report to the police there is guidance in our Victims Code section on your rights and entitlements that you should be receiving from the Criminal Justice System e.g. Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Courts etc.

The website does seem a useful way of finding out how to get support as a victim of crime. We guess time will tell just how useful it turns out to be.

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