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Swalcliffe Concert – 1st June 2017

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The first of an exciting series of Swalcliffe Concerts features “The Savage Prunes”, a young and innovative trio from England, playing new compositions on traditional instruments.

Callum Armstrong (bagpipes and recorders), George Pasca (cello) and John-Francis Goodacre (violin) make use of their different musical backgrounds and the expressive capabilities of their instruments to create a polyphonic and melody-driven sound that is fresh and exciting.

Their original compositions blur stylistic boundaries, combining the rhythm and drive of traditional dance music, the delicate playfulness of baroque, and the irresistible energy of modern pop.  Their music will be enhanced by the wonderful acoustics of St Peter & St Paul church, Swalcliffe on Thursday 1st June 2017 at 7:30pm

To buy tickets please visit http://www.swalcliffe.org   and click on Swalcliffe Concerts , or you can go direct to http://www.swalcliffe.org/swalcliffe/Swalcliffe_Concerts.html


“Exactly what the British folk scene needs right now” ★★★★★ …….Spiral Earth

“Inventive, expressive and above all different … this progressive folk is as vital as it comes”………FolkWords

“The complex interplay of sounds that you would hear from a chamber trio”……..Folk Roots

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